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Rest in Peace.

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A huge influence on the Hip Hop community has left us. Rest in Power Keith Elam – Guru – Gangstarr.

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20/04/2010 at 14:42

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4 Brothers Beats – the best blog source for funk dl’s and knowledge on the interwebz. check the blog here: http://4bbweekly.wordpress.com

4 brothers beats

“This is a tribute to all the original music that built hip-hop – the best beats in Soul, Funk & Jazz collected by four brothers!”. That’s how we introduced ourselves when we premiered on July 7th, 2007.

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22/02/2010 at 05:43

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Heavy Rotation – part 1

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We always got a heavy dose of older toronto funk in rotation.. stay tuned for part 2.

Ghetto Concept – E-Z on the Motion

Michee Mee & L.A. Luv – Jamaican Funk

Frankenstein – Frankensteins pain.

more frankenstein

Thrust – Past, Present, Future EP.

more thrust..

Citizen Kane – Blackrain

Redlife – Whos Talkin Weight

Choclair – 21years

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22/02/2010 at 02:53

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22/02/2010 at 00:56

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Heavy rotation.

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straight from ’91.

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18/01/2010 at 07:16

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